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Ireland Still Surprises Me

I am getting ready to head back to Ireland.  So, it's that time for the top, pre-vacation question.  You are going back to Ireland ... again? It is then followed by ... why?  There are some funs answers (50 Reasons Why I Return to Ireland), but the ones that really matter are still difficult to… Continue reading Ireland Still Surprises Me

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The Dark Hedges :: A Contradiction

It has been almost a year and I am still trying to best articulate the Dark Hedges.  I find that they are a bit of a contradiction. They do make a great image.  I believe it is due to the way the hedges allow light to filter in.  Unique shadows draw photographers, from amateur to professional… Continue reading The Dark Hedges :: A Contradiction

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A Mountain’s Purple Carpet :: The Knockmealdown’s

The first time I heard of the Knockmealdown Mountains was the first morning in Ireland at breakfast. We were sitting next to an English couple and they were discussing the previous day's tour.  We must have had that 'where do we start' (a.k.a., deer in the headlight) look and took pity on us.  One thing that they… Continue reading A Mountain’s Purple Carpet :: The Knockmealdown’s

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In Search of Poppies

Poppies and Ireland are two things that I would not have paired.  Yet, I started to notice images of poppies in my news feeds a couple of years ago.  Not a lot, but enough to catch my attention.  I would find myself thinking ... how could I miss poppies?  The idea was tucked away and forgotten.… Continue reading In Search of Poppies

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Summer Solstice at Newgrange

When traveling, I suggest utilizing the 'tools' that have been made available to you.  Many are free! The one that I have learned to embrace, or at least when I want to, is jet lag.  I am very fortunate.  I have been able to tune into my sleep cycle and can usually make the five… Continue reading Summer Solstice at Newgrange