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Ireland Still Surprises Me

I am getting ready to head back to Ireland.  So, it's that time for the top, pre-vacation question.  You are going back to Ireland ... again? It is then followed by ... why?  There are some funs answers (50 Reasons Why I Return to Ireland), but the ones that really matter are still difficult to… Continue reading Ireland Still Surprises Me

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Join Me?

Benches ... they are everywhere in Ireland. They are located around many venues for those that need a place to wait on their companions. If you have been walking for a distance, they are an excellent opportunity to take a break and catch your breath. You even see them on front lawns as you are… Continue reading Join Me?

County Kilkenny · Damp, Muddy & Happy · High Crosses · Ireland December 2012

High Crosses, Kilkieran, County Kilkenny

High crosses (sometimes referred to as standing crosses) are dated back to Irish and British origins. At Kilkieran, County Kilkenny, three of the earliest high crosses can be found. It is said that they date to the 9th century; two of them are ringed 'Celtic crosses' and have a capstone. The third is unique; it… Continue reading High Crosses, Kilkieran, County Kilkenny

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Kells, County Kilkenny

The are two towns called Kells in Ireland. The more famous one, located in County Meath, was home to the famous Book of Kells. The second one, is located in County Kilkenny and my last stop of the day. As I entered the town of Kells, I came upon the ruin of St Kieran's Church. A… Continue reading Kells, County Kilkenny

County Kilkenny · Damp, Muddy & Happy · Ireland December 2012 · Monastery, Abbey, Church · Tourist Sites

Jerpoint Abbey, County Kilkenny

My goal today was the Kilkenny Craft Trail. Unfortunately, off season and the holidays can mean that things are closed. However, it wasn't all lost. I had a backup plan to swing by a couple of places. Jerpoint Abbey was one of those places. On Sunday, I spent time at Jerpoint Park where across the… Continue reading Jerpoint Abbey, County Kilkenny