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A Mountain’s Purple Carpet :: The Knockmealdown’s

The Purple of the Knockmealdown Mountains

The first time I heard of the Knockmealdown Mountains was the first morning in Ireland at breakfast. We were sitting next to an English couple and they were discussing the previous day’s tour.  We must have had that ‘where do we start’ (a.k.a., deer in the… Continue Reading “A Mountain’s Purple Carpet :: The Knockmealdown’s”

St Declan’s Cathedral, Ardmore, County Waterford

After traipsing through church ruins, muddy paths and centuries-old graveyards, as well as the history lessons, I decided that I wanted to explore more of the same. So, Sunday I loaded up and headed towards Ardmore. The big decision is the best way to… Continue Reading “St Declan’s Cathedral, Ardmore, County Waterford”

Lismore Castle, County Waterford

After a morning of driving through the countryside (and taking photos), I headed to Newcastle for some groceries. Since I am in a wandering mood, I continued my drive though the southwest side of the Knockmealdown Mountains to the town of Lismore. On the… Continue Reading “Lismore Castle, County Waterford”

Waterford, County Waterford

After spending Sunday ‘sorting things out,’ I headed to Waterford today. There are a few places that I want to revisit … Mostly due to Christmas markets/festivals. I want to see how towns/cities are decorated for the holidays. It also allows me to regain… Continue Reading “Waterford, County Waterford”

Knockmealdown Mtns, the Vee & Sheep, County Waterford

Our first morning at breakfast, we sat near an English couple. They had mentioned that their previous day was spent along the southern coast. On their way back to Cashel, they drove along the ‘V’. So, as we were gathering information and heading towards… Continue Reading “Knockmealdown Mtns, the Vee & Sheep, County Waterford”

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