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Ireland Still Surprises Me

Derrybawn Bridge, Laragh, County Wicklow

I am getting ready to head back to Ireland.  So, it’s that time for the top, pre-vacation question.  You are going back to Ireland … again? It is then followed by … why?  There are some funs answers (50 Reasons Why I Return to… Continue Reading “Ireland Still Surprises Me”

Blarney Castle, County Cork

If you find yourself scouring the numerous tour books available, Blarney Castle in County Cork will be listed. I have also noticed that they provide a caveat … it can be very busy, so you might want to avoid. Hmmmm…. So, Blarney Castle was… Continue Reading “Blarney Castle, County Cork”

Cork, County Cork

Cork :: English Market

Cork is still a mystery to me. It is in all of the tour books; it is a major city. I had read that there was a Summer Solstice festival the second week that we were in Ireland. We had tried twice to get… Continue Reading “Cork, County Cork”

Cobh (Queenstown), County Cork

Tuesday, June 19 was spent in Cobh or Queenstown. The Irish renamed the city to Cobh (pronounced cove) when they became a Republic. Cobh is located on the southern coast, just off the Celtic Sea. It is known for being the departure port for… Continue Reading “Cobh (Queenstown), County Cork”

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Midletown, County Cork

After spending most of the day in Cobh, we plotted a course back to our home base or Cashel. By going off the beaten path, we are exploring and falling into some great small towns, scenery, or just a challenging drive back. Since we… Continue Reading “Jameson Irish Whiskey, Midletown, County Cork”

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