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Waterford, County Waterford

After spending Sunday ‘sorting things out,’ I headed to Waterford today. There are a few places that I want to revisit … Mostly due to Christmas markets/festivals. I want to see how towns/cities are decorated for the holidays. It also allows me to regain my ‘driving on the left’ skills. This puts me on familiar roads. Waterford is one of those places.

I made my way though the shopping district. The places were busy as people were rushing in and out of department stores and small shops. The Christmas market was beginning to open up; the wooden buildings reminded me of those at German Christmas markets. The festival is called Winterval. These buildings lined different streets around the ‘Viking Triangle,’ a historic area in Waterford.

The main reason that I wanted to return to Waterford, was the Medieval Museum. It was not open when Sara and I were there this past summer. I was very interested in the contents. I spent more than two hours there and would highly suggest it to anyone visiting Waterford.

The first floor focused on the Great Charter Roll of Waterford which provides chronicles on life and rule by England in Waterford. The charter, started in the 1300’s, continued until the reign of William Cromwell in the 1600’s. Part of the Charter is available for viewing, as well as numerous other documents from different English rulers. There was one by HenryVIII … I need to try to track down a picture of it. There is a Celtic knot just calling to be made into a quilted wall hanging.

The second floor focuses on the vestments (ceremonial robes/garments worn by priests) that were worn in Waterford. There is a long history from their creation to their safekeeping by burying in a chest to their discovery. They are truly beautiful; embroidered with thread made of gold. All are available for viewing. Truly remarkable ….

From there, wandering the street, lunch at a small cafe call Le Blaa.

Here are photos from the day.

The French Church
The French Church
A Pub with last night's Guinness waiting to be replenished
A Pub with last night’s Guinness waiting to be replenished
Reginald's Tower
Reginald’s Tower
You guessed it ... Classic pickup with a Christmas tree in back
You guessed it … Classic pickup with a Christmas tree in back
Viking Longship Replica
Viking Longship Replica

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