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In Search of Poppies

Poppies and Ireland are two things that I would not have paired.  Yet, I started to notice images of poppies in my news feeds a couple of years ago.  Not a lot, but enough to catch my attention.  I would find myself thinking ... how could I miss poppies?  The idea was tucked away and forgotten.… Continue reading In Search of Poppies

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Ireland in December

Thinking about traveling to Ireland in December? Wondering what it is really like? While I am not an expert, I can share what I have found from my two trips in south County Tipperary (2012) and County Wicklow (2014). The Weather. The published average temperature is 48F. I have found that it is relatively accurate.… Continue reading Ireland in December

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Weather – A Frequent Topic of Conversation

As I traveled through County Wicklow a couple of days ago, I thought - now I understand why everyone talks about the weather in Ireland ... constantly.  I was driving in high winds and horizontal rain. However, it was also necessary to wear sunglasses due to the glare on the road.  I also found myself… Continue reading Weather – A Frequent Topic of Conversation

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50 Reasons Why I Return to Ireland

People no longer ask me if I am returning to Ireland, but when. The number of raised eyebrows regarding the frequency of my visits has also slowed. In reality, I am not any different than most people in that if you find something that you really, really love, you figure out how to make it happen. For… Continue reading 50 Reasons Why I Return to Ireland

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Flora vs. Stone

I am obsessed.  The first time I noticed "Flora vs Stone" was December 2012. I was unprepared (and happy) for green grass in South Tipperary. It caught my attention immediately. But, what I was truly captivated by was the moss. It was everywhere ... roads, roofs and walls. In late September 2013, much of the flora… Continue reading Flora vs. Stone