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Weather – A Frequent Topic of Conversation

As I traveled through County Wicklow a couple of days ago, I thought – now I understand why everyone talks about the weather in Ireland … constantly.  I was driving in high winds and horizontal rain. However, it was also necessary to wear sunglasses due to the glare on the road.  I also found myself lowering the sun visor since I was driving directly into sun.  It was crazy, yet, normal.  Okay, maybe not horizontal rain.

East Coast, Wicklow, County Wicklow
A rainy day on the east coast. The sea blends into the sky.

If you subscribe to social media news feeds then you have read more than one joke or comment about the weather in Ireland. They generally are based on fact.  I have experienced gale force winds whipping off the southern coast to two weeks of summer sun to frosted roads that meant black ice and road warnings.

Kilmacrugh, County Wicklow
Grey skies and drizzle at Kilmacrugh, County Wicklow

But, it is Ireland.  You can check the forecast in the evening, but don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning to find it has changed.  Then if you wait another fifteen minutes, it can change again.  Weather radars are best relied upon to gauge the current weather status.

You will experience sun.  Yet, the best suggestion that I can give is to count on rain in some form every day.  Be prepared and carry rain gear at all times. By all means, carry forward with your plans; never cancel them due to the weather. Ireland is available rain or shine.


(Featured image: Standing in sun with rain behind me and showers in the distance.  Glenmalure, County Wicklow)