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The Story Behind the Images

It is time for a reboot of the site! My style continues to evolve. While I still work to capture that iconic ruin or landscape image, I now find myself pausing along the way. Instead of walking past a bench, a stone wall or even a tree, I stop. I take a breath and work… Continue reading The Story Behind the Images

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Mo Anam An Bhaile (My Soul’s Home)

Recently, I read the following phrase ... Mo Anam An Bhaile*.  Translated from Irish to English means My Soul's Home.  It resonated with me as a way to explain my continued desire to return to Ireland.  I find that as I arrive an internal compass kicks in; flickering in all directions and trying to point me… Continue reading Mo Anam An Bhaile (My Soul’s Home)

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Fall-ing for Ireland

The theme for this trip is Fall-ing for Ireland.  I have been fortunate to experience Ireland in the  summer and winter Months.  Both times, it was the height of the season; summer and winter solstices.  It seemed appropriate that I should plan this trip around another season. So, I selected fall.  The fall equinox will… Continue reading Fall-ing for Ireland

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Travel Day (Updated)

---Thursday Evening--- The Newark airport was interesting. Very busy ... And I was able to view my first police arrest in an airport. No ... not me. It was kind of cool to watch ... One person, five police officers who very quickly, but quietly (or as quiet as you can possibly get in an… Continue reading Travel Day (Updated)

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Returning to Ireland

Yes... I am returning to Ireland. I had a wonderful time this summer. If I could use one word to describe June, I would use "saw". As my vacation wound down, I simply felt like I wasn't finished. Sara and I saw A LOT! We put over 2,200 miles on that ugly, orange car. My… Continue reading Returning to Ireland