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The Serenity of Malahide Harbour

'Landlocked' is a good adjective for me.  I am from the Midwest; raised in Wisconsin and currently calling Indiana my home. The Great Lakes have always been a relatively short drive, but they don't see to draw me.  Instead, I find that I am relaxed by rolling farmland and in awe of rugged mountains. In my… Continue reading The Serenity of Malahide Harbour

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The Story Behind the Images

It is time for a reboot of the site! My style continues to evolve. While I still work to capture that iconic ruin or landscape image, I now find myself pausing along the way. Instead of walking past a bench, a stone wall or even a tree, I stop. I take a breath and work… Continue reading The Story Behind the Images

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Dublin, County Dublin

Dublin was not on our list. Once we arrived in Ireland, it became apparent that our focus was going to be on the southern third of the country. However, at the last minute, Kay was able to fly in from Brussels. By 5am, we were driving northeast to the Dublin airport. Since we were already… Continue reading Dublin, County Dublin