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Fall-ing for Ireland

Heather :: Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow
Heather :: Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow

The theme for this trip is Fall-ing for Ireland.  I have been fortunate to experience Ireland in the  summer and winter Months.  Both times, it was the height of the season; summer and winter solstices.  It seemed appropriate that I should plan this trip around another season. So, I selected fall.  The fall equinox will occur this weekend.

The trip started out as a ‘high adrenline’ run in the southern part of the country.  Tammy joined in on the fun the first week.  We managed three coasts, high tourist spots, and off-the-beaten path areas.  Based out of Cashel, County Tipperary,  we had the ease of going any direction; and ‘go’ we did!

Tammy headed back Sunday, a week after our start.  I packed up and am now based in Tullamore, County Offaly.  This area is referred to as the Midlands.

The weather has actually been cooperating; if Irish weather will do such a thing.  Last week we had more sun than rain.  Although it is Ireland, so there was plenty of clouds.  Sunday was heavy rains and high winds … a perfect day to unpack, settle in and scout out Tullamore.  Monday was a bit of everything, which meant I didn’t feel the least bit guity of having a slow day in Birr (including the 30 minutes under a tree waiting for the rain shower to pass; my umbrella left in the car.)

As I sit here, the rain continues at a steady rate. The weather radar shows that the majority of Ireland is receiving rain. It  is giving me an opportunity to catch my breath and sort through photographs. But tomorrow, the forecast shows a return to sun!

Okay, as accurate as an Irish forecast can be that is more than thirty minutes out.