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Kinnitty High Cross, County Offaly

Kinnitty Hight Cross
Kinnitty Hight Cross

Tt took two attempts to find this one … Kinnitty High Cross. Driving to Birr, I saw the signs for Kinnitty and made a note. On the way home, I found myself on a local road; winding towards the Slieve Bloom Mountains. Once in Kinnitty, I located the primary church.

After spending twenty minutes combing a cemetery (where most high crosses can be found), I was out of luck. I did find a descriptive panel describing the cross and I looked some more … but the cemetery wasn’t that big! It wasn’t there!

I saw signs for Kinnitty Castle and decided to check it out. After a couple of photos, I moved on … a bit disappointed.

Back at the B&B, I did some research. The cross had been moved. Guess where? A terrace at the castle! You have to be kidding. Now this became a challenge!

Later in the week, I swung back to Kinnitty. This time with a single purpose. When I arrived at the castle, the car park was full … a wedding! As I headed for the terrace, I realized I had a big problem.  The wedding party and guests were occupying the terrace for the reception.  I wasn’t quite dressed appropriately to blend in, but I wasn’t leaving without a photo. The problem?

So, I started to do some reconnaissance; trying to figure out how I could get in. Walking around the castle, I discovered that there are two terraces. The one in the front was people free! And off to the side, almost into the tree line was the cross! As I was taking photos, all I could think … You have to do a better job at seeking out all corners of a destination!

This is the Kinnitty High Cross! It’s craftsmanship is beautiful and was well worth the second trip!