County Waterford · Ireland in 3,585km · Ireland June 2012 · Landscapes

Copper Coast along the Celtic Sea, County Waterford

As we were getting ready to leave Waterford, we once again pulled out the map. We still had about seven hours before the sun set. Waterford sits inland a bit; its quays line Waterford Harbor which is fed by the Irish Sea or Celtic Sea (depending which map you might have.) We decided since the comfort level with driving was improving greatly, we would head to the southern coast before making the trek back to Cashel and the Ard Ri House.

As we entered the scenic highway called the Copper Coast, we observed the big sign that said ‘no busses.’ Yep … it was going to be a tight drive. Generally, the road did not have a center line and if we had oncoming traffic … it meant we (or the other car) pulled to the side to allow the other through. Since we had the windows down and Queens Anne Lace was growing everywhere … Sara’s front, passenger seat became the Queen Anne’s ‘whipping chair’ as the weeds/grass hit the side of the car.

What was in store for us was beautiful and definitely worth the drive. I have been on both US coasts, but this was truly remarkable. We stopped at a few places along the way to take pictures.

Wouldn’t one love to wake up to this every morning?

Abandoned copper processing facility from 1800’s.

To the right of the yellow/black line is the ‘layover’ or pull off. To the left is the road. All around … the view.

Location via Google Maps: