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Church of Ireland, Cashel, County Tipperary

Since we are in Republic of Ireland, I thought it would be interesting to go a Catholic mass. ‘Irish Catholic’ represents a significant portion of the population. Like many countries, wars have been fought over religion. I was raised Catholic …. So, after a good night sleep and a great, traditional Irish Breakfast, we headed down the road.

We get to the end of the road and make a ‘wide’ right turn and zoom pass the parking lot area. Not to worry, our hostess had provided alternate parking, which we also missed. At the next block we turned a left and we begin to hear church bells. There are two Catholic churches -so this must be the second one. We find parking and head that direction.

Let me just remind everyone, we have no real plans. We are going to ‘live in the moment’ each day and see where it takes us. Today, it took us to the Church of Ireland.

The Church of Ireland is an Anglican church. (More info: They had a family service today in which the children were involved. So, we enjoyed ourselves. We don’t think they get many visitors … but welcomed us with smiles. We will try for the Catholic mass next week!




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