Introductions · Ireland in 3,585km · Ireland June 2012

Ireland: Getting There 3

Well, I made it to London. Okay, it is just the airport and only for about 2.5 hours. But I have the stamp in my passport!

So where was I?

Step Five: The Flight. There is one really great thing about International flights … if you are onboard, so is your luggage. They want to make sure that you are matched up with your luggage for security reasons. You know, someone doesn’t put a bag on the plane with stuff that shouldn’t be in it and them ‘misses’ his or her flight. So, you kind of have to feel bad for the guy that lost his seat and delayed a plane while they search through all the luggage (already on) to pull his bag. Lesson he should learn … schedule plenty of time for transfer delays.

Step Six/Seven: Navigating customs and Heathrow. Now the UK has security. First, passport patrol; second, biometrics scan; third, let’s check the passport again; four, reverify your passport with your biometrics … And finally to the check in counter. Somewhere in there we also had to go through X-rays again. Then at the gate … it is a ‘real’ gate that is locked and only open at a specific time for your flight. All at 2am Eastern time … 7am here.

I do get my star for the day. I sat next to a college student from CA. First time flying and she was by herself. So, we walked customs and security together. I left her at her airline’s customer service desk since she left the US without a boarding pass between London and Dublin. I hope it is just an issue with switching airlines and not an overbooked flight.

One last thing, those flying with an option for an Economy Plus upgrade. Well worth the money. Economy seats with business class legroom. I was clearing 12 inches from knees to the seat in front of me. Yes!