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Ireland & Romance

Powerscourt Estate, in Enniskerry, County Wicklow, offers photo walks throughout the year with landscape photographer Fran Bryne (Fran Byrne Photography). I was fortunate to participate in one of those walks in June 2014.  It was during this time that I borrowed this special moment.

A Powerscourt Path
A Powerscourt Path

As we began to wander around the grounds, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was this like a guided tour with cameras clicking along the way? Or, with my thirst for knowledge, would I be able to tap into Fran’s expertise and learn something? So, I asked and the answer … a walk through the grounds and pointers. What more could a girl with a camera want?

What started out as an opportunity soon turned into a mission. It is here that I need to give credit where it is due. Here was some crazy American with a stuffed sheep (another day, another story) hanging from her camera bag asking quirky questions. Fran was nothing but very patient.

My social media news feeds are populated primary by all things Ireland and photography. I study those images. While I love sweeping landscapes, I find my self drawn to ‘standing in the forest’ images of paths, trees, etc. But when I try to take that image, it looks like … I am standing in the forest trying to take a image. As I explained this, Fran rose to the challenge.  And, did I mention patient?

Ireland & Romance III
Ireland & Romance – Listening

I have a many images from that day that I am happy with. Some, well, let’s just say that I learned from them. But, this featured image is one that I have been holding onto to post on Valentine’s Day.

💚 💚 💚

It was a typical, overcast day. As we began to head down a gravel path, I stopped and asked … How do you take a photograph of this? I wanted an image of the path, but with no sunlight, it looked dismal. I normally would have passed on it. Instead, Fran had me set up the tripod and camera. The tripod is critical for steady, long exposures. The key … take multiple exposures.  And, it is all about the light even on a cloudy day.

Ireland & Romance II
Ireland & Romance – Laughter

So, we are standing in the middle of the path with tripods. It is evident that we are taking photos when this couple walks around us. I look up and think … really? I also start to grumble … couldn’t they wait for a couple of minutes?

There stands Fran with a smile and he simply says … look. Okay, I see two people that are in my way. He says … look again. Notice that her pink sweater matches the flowering bush. The white in her skirt matches the white clover. Take the picture.

The Serenity of Dolphin Pond
The Serenity of Dolphin Pond

It was a lesson learned. I was able to take three photos before they were gone. I have considered posting these image sooner than today. Every time I look at them I think of ‘Ireland & Romance.’ Wait for Valentine’s Day. It does look like it was a special day for the both of them. Oh, we did see them again a bit later. The were sitting on a bench by Dolphin pond. Definitely a special day for them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!