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Kindness of Strangers :: Irish Rail

I have spent as much time exploring Ireland as a ‘solo’ traveler as I have with someone joining in on the fun. I have never had problems asking for directions, but I find I am hesitant to ask for additional help, such as navigating public transportation. I don’t want to be a bother; I should be able to figure some of this out. But things are different, and if you don’t know … you don’t know.

I had decided to take the train from Tullamore to Dublin. I wasn’t quite sure on buying tickets (e.g., no means to print things off). I needed to get to Merriam Square and determined I would stop at Heuston Station.  From there, I would need to transfer to Luas. But how does it really work?  Since I didn’t know, I finally decided to ‘ask’.

This is a shout out to a gentleman that works for Irish Rail. Two days before the event, I stopped by the Tullamore train station. He was a very patient and met my ‘I need some help’ with a smile. First, I shared my objective and then what I understood; he confirmed and corrected. Then my questions started. He took each question and answered it, including where I could ask for help once I arrived at Hueston Station. He provided excellent customer service and represented not only Irish Rail, but Ireland, in a very positive, courteous manner to a confused tourist.

It wasn’t a perfect public transportation excursion; the missteps were mine. But his statement to ‘ask, people will help’ gave me the extra nudge to do just that with success. My one regret … I didn’t write down his name to provide that personal shout out. He really made my day a successful one.