County Tipperary · Damp, Muddy & Happy · Ireland December 2012 · Monastery, Abbey, Church

Tullaghmelan Church, County Tipperary

Around a bend or two in the road and tight local roads from Molough Abbey, we pulled over on a small patch of grass and parked. Louise was excited to show me this place, but from where I was looking, I could not see any type of ruins. As we left the car, all I saw was farmland and some trees.

Grove of Trees
Grove of Trees

It was within the small grove of trees that the hidden treasure was located. If you drove by, you do not notice anything, even though there is a small gate guarding the site. In we walked and what she introduced me to was numerous tombstones, many with clear carvings. Stone after stone had carvings of suns, moons, ladders, nails and even sponges (of vinegar). Truly amazing!

Her big surprise was a ‘head’ of an Irish bishop (due to conical hat). The stone is different than the ones around it and appears to be much older than the medieval church. They are unclear of its origins, why it was located there, and which bishop it is.


Headstones ... You may want to click on the to enlarge
Headstones … You may want to click on the to enlarge








The Bishop
The Bishop
The Bishop
The Bishop